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How NP Tux is Redefining the Tux Rental industry in Southern Indiana.

Yes, you heard that correctly; we are redefining the way grooms and groomsmen rent tuxes in Southern Indiana but it wasn't always like this. We've been in the tux rental industry for two years but we learned quickly that the traditional way of renting a tux was horrible. Who wants to go in a tux shop or worse yet, a dress shop to get fitted for a tux?

We were constantly hearing complaints such as: "What time do you close? I don't get off work until 8pm." Worse yet, brides would be calling in stressed out that some of their guys haven't been measured yet and their wedding was in a month. This is where we sat down and came up with a huge solution. We completely threw out the "traditional" and tacky way of renting tuxes and created our own!

Introducing the NP Traveling Tux Team! We packed up, moved out of our office and now, we're focused on 100% stress-free and convenient tux rentals! Want to pick out your tuxes? Great! Check out our website or schedule an appointment with us, and this time, we'll come to you! We'll meet you at a local coffee shop or just come to your house. Ready for the guys to get measured? Awesome, have them all over at your place and we will bring the pizza. We'll make a party out of it and measure all the guys in the comfort of your home.

The week of the wedding, we'll bring the tuxes; come back over and make sure everything fits perfectly. If there is a need for alterations, we'll have our alterations department take care of it and meet up with the person that needed them as soon as they are done.

After the wedding, we will come back and pick up the tuxes at your home. No dealing with incovenient store hours, sub-par customer service, or late fees. We are NP Tux and we would love to work with you on your upcoming event!

To learn more about NP Tux and to visit their listing, CLICK HERE.



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