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Helping you plan financially with uVest Advisory Group, LLC!

Make your big transition as smooth as possible with uVest Advisory Group, LLC! We will help you:

  • Combine Finances

  • Pay Down Debt

  • Purchase a home

  • Build wealth through investments

  • General financial adulting (the stuff you know you're supposed to do but don't do)

We work specifically with Millennials doing big things in the world like buying a house, starting a family and establishing a small business. Our goal is for you to pursue your dream life with your new spouse in the best way that you can. Big transitions require bold plans. We will craft one specifically for you.


  1. Consultation: What’s most important to you?

  2. Get Organized: We will compile all of the relevant information

  3. Develop options and strategies

  4. Implementation and Accountability

About Erik:

  • Born and raised in Evansville

  • Marine Corps Veteran

  • University of Evansville graduate

  • Owner of uVest Advisory Group, LLC.

To Learn More about uVest Advisory Group, LLC, check out their listing by clicking "HERE"



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