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Tupperware Consultant -

Beth Bingle

“Welcome to Tupperware!  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  

I am Beth Bingle, your Tupperware Consultant.  I would love to help you select gifts for you and your new spouse for your gift registry.  Tupperware has everything you need to organize your pantry, prepare and serve those wonderful healthy meals for your new spouse and to help you and your spouse live a healthier lifestyle!

Contact Info:

Tupperware has high-quality hard-anodized aluminum cookware, silicone bakeware, microwave cookware, kitchen utensils, dishes, freezer and refrigerator containers, beautiful serving sets and so much more and YES we even still have your mother’s Tupperware BOWLS!   You will be surprised at all the choices you have!  Receive a free piece of Tupperware as an appreciation for registering.   We even do Tupperware bridal showers!  Let me help you make your life easier with Tupperware!”

Consultant: Beth Bingle
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