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YOU'RE ENGAGED! So now what?

More couples get engaged on Valentine's Day than almost any other holiday, If you're one of those lucky couples, congratulations on your engagement! But now that you've said "yes" and shared the joyous news with your inner circle, what's next? Getting engaged marks the start of an exciting journey, but it can also feel overwhelming with all the tasks ahead. No worries, though – we're here to guide you through the essential steps to take after you've just gotten engaged.

  1. Share the Excitement with Loved Ones: Before anything else, spread the joy by telling your closest friends and family about your engagement. These are the people who deserve to hear the news directly from you, preferably in person or through a personal call. Let them share in your happiness before making the announcement public.

  2. Announce Your Engagement: Once you've informed your inner circle, it's time to share your engagement with the world. Social media is the go-to platform for many couples nowadays. Craft a heartfelt post or a fun engagement announcement to share your happiness with friends and followers.

  3. Insure Your Ring: Your engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of your love and commitment. Protect it by getting ring insurance as soon as possible. Accidents happen, and having insurance ensures peace of mind knowing that your precious ring is covered.

  4. Celebrate the Moment: Take some time to bask in the joy of your engagement. Whether it's an intimate dinner with your partner or a small gathering with family and friends, celebrate this special milestone in your relationship. It's a moment worth cherishing.

  5. Get the Ring Sized: Ensuring your ring fits perfectly is essential. Schedule a visit to the jeweler to have your ring sized if needed. This not only prevents the risk of losing it but also ensures maximum comfort as you proudly wear your engagement ring.

  6. Take a Breather: Amidst the excitement, don't forget to pause and savor the moment. Take a step back from the wedding planning frenzy and enjoy being engaged. Use this time to strengthen your bond as a couple and envision the future together before diving into the next phase of your journey.

Remember, getting engaged is a significant milestone, so take the time to relish in the love and excitement surrounding this special time in your lives. Congratulations once again, and may your journey to marriage be filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories! is a free resource for Southern Indiana couples to help plan their wedding with ease. From vendor research to budgeting/planning tools, and inspiration has you covered!



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