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When to START planning a WEDDING?

We're going to start off by saying there is no right or wrong way on when to start the planning process. Everyone you talk to is going to have their own opinion from their experiences.

At Wishes 2 Weddings, we have a team full of planners. With that being said, we love to plan our events way in advance, but we also like to take our time and look at various options and aspects. So we are going to break this down into 3 different parts on why to start planning your wedding early!

1.) TIME

First and foremost, it is always good to have time on your side. Having time on your side will allow you to meet with various wedding professionals to make sure you are choosing the perfect ones for your event. Let's face it, talented professionals book way in advance. Starting early will give you more of a chance to book the professionals you are wanting for your special day. Most wedding vendors get booked between 6 - 24 months in advance.


Family and friends from all over can attend your celebration and depending on who you are and how many people you are having. The more time you have between getting engaged and planning your celebration, the more time you can properly communicate the details of your special day. So if you start planning early, you'll have time to let everyone know where it's happening; when it's happening, and they'll be able to make the necessary arrangements to take off work, or not plan anything else, so they can be there for you for the most important day of you life.


When you plan a wedding way in advance, you will be able to know what pricing to expect sooner. When you're planning a wedding two years out, pricing can go up year to year, so you have opportunity to lock in your pricing at a lower rate. Weddings are incredibly expensive and the more time you have on your side, the more time you have to work, to save, and to be financially responsible. Planning early is a big plus because you won't have to sacrifice anything, and you'll have more of an opportunity to afford the services you want for your special day!

Having time on your side gives you the opportunity to plan properly, take your time, meet a ton of different people, budget appropriately, and makes sure that you have a packed house for your very special celebration!

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