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5 things to start planning your Southern Indiana wedding.

1.) Set a budget.

Sit down with your fiancè, parents, and whoever else will be spending money on your wedding and discuss a realistic budget plan. The average wedding in Southern Indiana costs around $30,000. That does not mean it should be your budget – but it gives you a baseline idea of what most weddings cost.

2.) Create a vision.

Grab a glass of wine and create a vision board for your wedding utilizing Pinterest, Instagram (especially the Wishes 2 Weddings IG page), and Facebook! Start gathering ideas about your ideal color palette, theme, and favorite details. Ask yourself what style of wedding would best reflect you and your partner’s personality and relationship. If you and your partner are the laid back farmer’s market type, don’t let the pressure of throwing a formal black-tie wedding overwhelm you. Stay true to you!  

3.) Pick a Date

We know you want to skip the boring initial steps and jump straight into cake tasting but slow your roll! Select your favorite season, month, day, and time before anything else. You’ll be saving vendors and venues a lot of time if you arrive with a date range that you are ready to lock-in. Keep in mind that the most popular local venues are often booked a year and a half in advance during the peak seasons of spring and fall, so flexibility is key to landing your dream team.

4.) Research Vendors

We may be a little biased but we truly feel that there is no better way to source your wedding venue and vendors than by scrolling through our website. So we encourage you to use our free resources to your advantage, we promise it will make your life a lot easier! By going to our site, you will have photos, contact information, and a little bio on each vendor. We recommend meeting with 2-3 vendors in each category before making a firm decision.

5.) Choose your wedding party

The sooner you choose your wedding party, the sooner you will have a team of your closest friends and family that would love to help in the planning festivities. That is the beauty of planning a wedding, you don't have to do it alone!

We hope these 5 things help you jump-start the wedding planning process! There are a lot of things to think about. Try not to get overwhelmed. If you do find yourself becoming completely stressed. Don't be afraid to take a break and have some "you" time. We also want to mention that we have some very talented massage therapists that are featured on our website as well! :)



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